What is the Guild100 Supercourse?

The Guild100 Supercourse is a program designed to equip you with the skills, work, and experience that you need to double the job options and earning potential, as you start your career.

How do I complete the Supercourse?

The Supercourse involves completing the tracks within the Guild App as well as attending webcasts and events held by the National Innovators Initiative, The Guild's parent company. You may find the specific tracks here: https://guild100.io/about/

What are the benefits of the Supercourse?

As you progress through each track within the Supercourse, you will earn credentials that allow you to progress to more advanced tracks. Along the way, you will also earn specific job titles and gain high-impact work experience that you can add to your CV or resume.

You mentioned that I can earn credentials - what can I use them for?

The credentials you earn in The Guild100 Supercourse unlocks advanced tracks that you can progress to, and it also satisfies OJT requirements when it comes to hours required.

What is the Guild App?

The Guild App is a tool for you to progress through and complete the Guild100 Supercourse. The App has many features and tools, and is your best friend or companion during your journey in The Guild.

How else can I use the Guild App?

You can use the Guild App and its tools to develop and launch your own businesses. You can use also use it to accelerate your learnings and growth within The Guild.

Is The Guild free to join?

The Guild is 100% free, now and forever, to college students and fresh graduates, so long as you are under the age of 25 years old.

What are there requirements to join The Guild?

The only requirement is that you are a college student or fresh graduate, under the age of 25, who is truly invested and committed in accelerating your career!

Can I fulfill my OJT requirements through The Guild?

Yes you absolutely can! That's why The Guild awards credentials as you complete each track within the Supercourse - these credentials can be converted into the required hours set by your school.

How long does it take to complete The Guild100 Supercourse?

You can stay in The Guild for as long or as short as you want. You can complete as much of The Guild100 Supercourse as you want or need to.

Can I invite others into The Guild?

Yes, you definitely can! But we advise you to experience The Guild for yourself first, before you invite others!


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Open nationwide to all PH-based 18-24 year olds, PH1000 is a full-scholarship career accelerator that runs in 100-day cycles as part of the Guild100 Supercourse.

PH1000 does not look at grades, courses, schools or socio-economic background. PH1000 is 100% merit based - we want to shatter glass ceilings and give every Filipino equal opportunity to fulfill our highest potential and greatest promise.

In lieu of so much outdated and biased measures of career success (and recruiting), we look at participants' actual performance vs measures of innovation, agility, creative problem-solving, grit and resilience, self-awareness, and capacity to learn and grow fast - all the critical skills that are so badly needed yet so badly lacking in today’s workforce.

All these measures are integrated as activities, exercises and challenges in our Guild100 Career & OJT Accelerator, which includes access to regional and national innovation challenges.