You can complete the program at your own pace! You will have 100 days to complete the program requirements, which is more than enough time.

  • Attend the Guild's Daily Flights (community webcasts)
  • Complete the step-by-step exercises in the Ni2 App
  • Launch a project by yourself or with a team
  • Complete all the modules found in the Ni2 App

The Ni2 App is an easy-to-use web-based app that guides you through launching a project, learning and practicing the Superpower 6, and connecting you to potential employers or projects.

All webcasts are FREE! The Ni2 App has free and premium zones - unlocking the premium zones requires a fee of 2,998. Don't worry, we have been working hard with our corporate partners to provide full scholarships to most of our Guilders.

The Ni2 App and our regular Guild Program will guide you every step of the way to conceptualizing a project and then launching it.

Yes of course you can! The Ni2 App and the Guild Program will help you execute your very own innovative business, from ideation to planning to execution.

Once you have completed the modules and requirements, you will receive accreditation that you can attach to your CV. You will also be able to add the work projects you were able to launch in the Accelerator to your CV too. As part of our multi-sector community, we can connect or endorse you to industry partners that you want to work for.


Essentially, you will be provided many resources, on top of everything that you were able to learn and master, in order to secure a great job or career opportunity. From there, it's your time to shine!


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