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Open nationwide to all PH-based 18-24 year olds, PH1000 is a full-scholarship career accelerator that runs in 100-day cycles as part of the Guild100 Supercourse.

PH1000 does not look at grades, courses, schools or socio-economic background. PH1000 is 100% merit based - we want to shatter glass ceilings and give every Filipino equal opportunity to fulfill our highest potential and greatest promise.

In lieu of so much outdated and biased measures of career success (and recruiting), we look at participants' actual performance vs measures of innovation, agility, creative problem-solving, grit and resilience, self-awareness, and capacity to learn and grow fast - all the critical skills that are so badly needed yet so badly lacking in today’s workforce.

All these measures are integrated as activities, exercises and challenges in our Guild100 Career & OJT Accelerator, which includes access to regional and national innovation challenges.